CHACCO-BLU (1998, CHAMBERTIN x CONTENDER) was not one of the best known and most appreciated stallions when in 2012 he died prematurely due to a bacterial infection, a borreliosis.
In that year in the FEI-WBFSH stallion ranking he did not even appear in the top 100, as most of his offspring, born between 2006 and 2010, were still too young. Nobody could have predicted that CHACCO BLU would become the top sire we know and that everyone is looking for today.

Only two years later, in 2014, CHACCO-BLUE will make its entry into the FEI-WBFSH ranking in 35th position, reaching the summit in 2017.
The frantic search for the last remaining doses of his semen started in those years, and today the price paid for a small quantity of his semen for fertilization through ICSI, is among the highest achieved for a stallion in show jumping.
Obviously, not all the breeders have the possibility to pay such high amounts of money and, above all, there will come a time in which CHACCO-BLUE semen will no longer be available.
For all these reasons, the most obvious solution appears to look for the best heirs among his licensed sons able to carry on his bloodline.

From the consultation of the available public databases, today there are 74 approved sons, born between 2002 and 2016. Among them, there are 62 stallions over 8 years old, and 37 of them (60%) jumped in 1.45 – 1.60m competitions. A very high number that demonstrates the quality of his approved sons.

In recent years many of the best mares in the world of show jumping have been covered with CHACCO-BLUE, and probably in the next few years, we will talk about his sons, descendants from these exceptional mothers, both as athletes and as breeding stock.
CHACCO-BLUE was owned by Paul Schockemöhle until his untimely death. Schockemöhle himself bred several of his licensed sons and distributes their semen.
Besides them, there are other very promising approved sons of CHACCO-BLUE, towards which numerous breeders are aiming. In this article, we will talk about some of them, especially those who have already catched the attention of breeders and therefore already produced offspring, albeit still young.


  • CHACOON BLUE (Meckl. 2009, dam sire CARTOON), at the moment, is certainly one of the most used CHACCO-BLUE sons. Percentage of Thoroughbred 35.75%. WFFS negative.

His first progeny are very young; they were born starting from 2016. CHACOON BLUE from the very beginning has shown his jumping ability by winning his performance test in Schlieckau in 2014, where he obtained the maximum score of 10 for free jumping, character and ability at the jump and a final score of 9.4. In 2015, he was qualified for the final of the German Championship of 6-year-olds. The following year, in 2016 after his first international successes, he won silver in the German Championship for 7-year-olds at Warendorf. In 2016, he won S level show jumping competitions, and in 2017, he was placed in international classes of 1.50m with his rider Philip Rüping.
His Hannoveraner dam line goes back to SEDALIA (Hannover Stamm 2191509, Schridde 33), from which descends the Olympic champion of Munich ASKAN, ridden by Gerd Wiltfang. From this line also came other successful 1.60m jumpers: BELENO, WINBISHI CALOUDINA, CORRWIKO, CHILENSKY, LAWITANO, LANDO BOY, DON RAMIRO, LET’S TALK ABOUT etc.
In Germany, there are already 1691 offsprings, including one approved stallion. Hippomundo reports 160 offsprings registered at Zangersheide and 74 in the BWP Studbook.
Among his first crop of foals in 2016, CHACOON BLUE produced the OS Champion at the Oldenburg foal championships in Vechta. In 2017 were born 6 approved stallions, including CERO BLUE TN (dam sire BALOU DU ROUET), out of the direct dam line of FEIN CERA (individual bronze medal at the WEG of Jerez de la Frontera in 2002) and CHACCO WHITE (dam sire SPARTACUS TN), awarded premium stallion in Hannover.

  • CHACFLY PS (Hann, 2012, dam sire SIR SHUTTERFLY), bred and owned by Paul Schockemöhle. Percentage of thoroughbred 43,75%. WFFS negative.

Also for this stallion, the performance test immediately highlighted his talent. In 2017 he won in Adelheidsdorf with an excellent overall result of 9.49, achieving a score of 10 for temperament, character, willingness to perform, scope, manners and general impression, and a 9.5 for rideability.

CHACFLY PS was awarded the “Stakkato Prize” from the Hannoveraner Verband for his exceptional performance test results. The Oldenburg Verband also gave him an award, the “Main Premium,” for the quality of his first foal crop.
In 2016, CHACFLY PS began his sporting career winning the bronze medal at the 4-year-old Hanoverian Championships in Verden. Then he won a number of competitions for young horses, including twelve victories at 6-years-old, ridden by Patrick Stühlmeyer. He is currently competing with Eiken Sato in 1.35-1.40 m classes.
CHACFLY descends from the Holstein lineage 5819. His mother SHENTARA was a daughter of SIR SHUTTERFLY, full brother of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum’s internationally successful SHUTTERFLY. SHENTARA is the half-sister of the stallion QUICKCENTO (1.45m sj) and NINTARA (1.55m sj).
CHACFLY PS is her only son. From this line also descend the international jumpers SOUPER SHUTTLE (1.50m sj), LUNATIC (1.60m sj) and BESSEMEINDS CASINO (1.60m sj).
In Germany, there are already 692 offspring of CHACFLY PS, while according to Hippomundo there are 95 offsprings registered at Zangersheide and 28 at BWP. In other databases, we find several other progeny born after 2018.

  • CHACCATO (Hann, 2010, dam sire STAKKATO). Percentage of Thoroughbred 42,77%. WFFS negative.

Sold at the ESI foal auction, CHACCATO ranked third in the performance test with a jumping score of 8.93.  At the age of seven, he made his international debut in 1.50m classes with Guido Klatte junior, and at eight- and nine-years-old he competed up to CSI3* 1.60m level.

His dam STAMYTA descends from the Hannover Stamm 2188806, Schridde 908 and also produced GLOBAL CLOCKWISE (2012, by CATOKI, 1.50m sj) and the approved stallion FOR PROFESSOR (2016, by FOR PLEASURE).
In Germany, CHACCATO produced 154 offspring starting from 2014. From his first crop of foals we find two licensed sons: CHACCOGRANULITO and CHACCO BAY, winner of the six-year-old Championships in Bolesworth with William Funnel. In 2015, CARTHAGO BLUE was born, licensed for OS in 2018 at Schlieckau stallion test with an average score of 8.28 and a jumping score of 9.05.

  • CHAQUI Z (Zang., 2006, dam sire QUINAR). Percentage of Thoroughbred 43,55%. WFFS negative.

His sporting career started from a young age: at 5, 6 and 7 years he was qualified for the final of the WBCYH in Lanaken with his breeder Gerben Morsink, ranking 8th in the seven-year-old Championships. In 2017, with the Irish Shane Sweetnam, he won the team gold medal at the European Championships in Gothenburg, as well as the GP and the Nations Cup in the CSI4 * of Wellington. In 2018, the pair represented Ireland at the Tyron World Championships, where the Irish team finished 7th.
The CHAQUI Z’s dam line is the Merrielijn 231, Oldenb. Stamm 190, fokfamilie 724. He was the only son of QUILINA Z, prematurely deceased, sister of ZEKINA Z (1.60m sj with Jane Richard Philips and Eric Lamaze) and GALINA Z (1.45m sj). From this dam line also descend the stallions LEXICON (1.60m sj), CARTHINO Z (1.50m sj), CARTAIRE Z (1.60m sj), FAITHFULL (1.60m sj), CLINTINO (1.50m sj) and NAVARONE (1.60m sj).
CHAQUI Z is American owned and is available in Europe only with frozen semen. His few offsprings were born after 2010 and registered mainly in the KWPN, Z and BWP Studbooks. Between the two products born in 2010 there is RAPIDASH, ridden by Mc Lain Ward until 2019 in 1.60m classes.

  • CHACCO’S SON I (Westf., 2007, dam sire LANCER III). Percentage of Thoroughbred 36,72%.

Another performer stallion, this time with Maurice Tebbel. They took part in two European Championships: in 2015 for Young Rider, where he ranked 2nd with the team, and for Seniors in 2017 in Gothenburg, where the pair ranked 5th with the team.
CHACCO’S SON won in four 1.60m classes in the CSIO5 * of Barcelona, ​​Lummen and twice in Aachen, and was 2nd in the GP of the Global Champion Tour of Hamburg. CHACCO’S SON I is not currently available for breeding.
His first offspring was born in 2011 but his progeny is not numerous. He produced three jumpers in 1.45m classes and five licensed sons including CHACCO’S LIGHT, awarded in Oldenburg.

Winner of the performance test in Neustadt Dosse in 2017 with a score of 9.35. Bundeschampionate finalist in 2016 and 2017, he jumped in the WCYH for 6-year-olds in Lanaken. Currently, always with Maurice Tebbel, he is facing his first international competitions in CSI2*.
In Germany there are already 174 offspring, including one licensed son in OS and one in Hannover.

LANCLEY, the dam of the two stallions, belongs to the Westf. Stamm 259 and also produced CHACCOS LUED, full sister of CHACCO’S SON I and II, dam of the stallions CORYDON VAN T&L and FOR CHACCO TN.
From this dam line also descends POWER LIGHT, internationally successful with Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst.

  • CHACCO CHACCO (2007, Hann., dam sire STAKKATO). Percentage of Thoroughbred 34.57%. WFFS negative.

This stallion immediately distinguished himself in the competitions for young horses, then winning at 7 years in class S competitions with his rider Andreas Knippling. During his international career he won and placed in CSI 3* 1.50m level, placing 5th in the GP of the CSI3* of Munchen in 2017.

His dam line is the Hannover Stamm 2193001, Schridde 42 from which also descend his half brother CORNET’S STAKKO, approved stallion in Hannover, and his half-sister VUVUZELA MM (1.45m sj).
His third dam is FATIMA, mother of the stallions GRAF NOIR and ESCUDE and of the mare ESCADA, that produced several excellent jumpers for the Italian breeding “Il Colle,” including the stallions SUAVITER DC and SESTO SENSO DC (1.50m sj).
According to the German Equestrian Federation, CHACCO CHACCO genetic index is 148 with a reliability of 81%. Although CHACCO CHACCO did not breed a great number of offsprings in his first years, today in Germany there are 118 progeny registered in different Studbooks.
His most successful offsprings born in 2011 include CARLSSON 72 and GAMIN VAN’T NAASTVELDHOF that are now jumping at 1.45-1.50m level. In 2012 was born CRAZY SUNSHINE, awarded mare in Hannover and a performer in the 1.40m classes. In 2015, during the DSP approval, one of her sons was approved and awarded.

  • CHACCO ROUGE (OS, 2006, dam sire PAPILLON ROUGE). Percentage of Thoroughbred 50%. Another stallion bred by Paul Schockemöhle.

His dam line includes excellent international winners such as POREE DE LA TOUCHE (Barcelona Olympics 1992), JOVIS DE RAVEL, ridden by Roger Yves Bost, REGATE D’AURE and TIMON D’AURE (1.60m sj).
CHACCO ROUGE carried out his career as a young horse in France where he won the 4-year Championships in Equita LyonAt the age of 6, he was the 3rd highest earning horse of his generation, before the Great Week of Fontainebleau.
Due to a hoof crack, he had to stop his sport career which he then restarted in 2017. In 2018, he won the GP CSI2 * in Deauville and the GP CSI3 * in Canteleu. In 2019 with Felicie Bertrand he took part in the CSI5 *-W in Bordeaux, where he was 2nd in a 1.50m class.
There are 139 offsprings born in France since 2012. His daughter DUNDEE DES FORETS at 3 years old was sold at the Fences Auctions for €46,000 to the Australian rider Chris Chugg, ELLIRA DE VESQUERIE won the regional competition for 3-year-olds in Saint -Lô with the best score in free jumping and FIFTY CENT DU MILLE was a finalist in the French Championships for two-year-olds.
In 2018, EL CAMPO TAME, ELECTRA LOG and ENRICO DES JEANBEL were qualified for the French 4-year-old Championships.

  • CHACCO BLUE II (2007, OS, dam sire CINCABA ROUGE). Percentage of Thoroughbreds 54,1%. WFFS negative.

CHACCO BLUE II, born at Gestüt Lewitz, started his sporting career very late. From 2016, he was ridden by the Hungarian rider Szabolcs Krucsó and together they took part at the WEG of Tryon. Starting from 2019, Luciana Diniz became his rider and with her this year he obtained the 6th place at CSI5*W of Bordeaux.

The mother of CHACCO BLUE II is NAITI ROUGE, jumper at 1.50m level with Cassio Rivetti. She also produced STAKKATO ROUGE (1.60m sj), BALOU ROUGE (1.60m sj) and CAITARI (1.50m sj). In addition to NAITI ROUGE, grandmother HAITI ROUGE also produced MAITI ROUGE, a performer in 1.50m classes.
There are very few offsprings of CHACCO BLUE II, but his only son born in 2016, JB CASKO, was licensed in Hungary.

  • EXELERO 2 ( CHAC BOY ) (OS, 2008, dam sire BALOUBET DU ROUET). Percentage of Thoroughbred 41,21%.

His mother, BALONIE ( Trak. Fam. 0099 ), jumped in the 1.50m classes and is the uterine sister of CHAVENTYNO (1.60m sj with Richard Spooner and Todd Minikus) and CHACON (1.60m sj with Eoin McMahon), both CHACCO BLUE’s sons. Another representative of this dam line is PB CHACONIE (1.60m sj with Werner Muff), again a daughter of CHACCO BLUE!
EXELERO 2 is currently ridden by Nicola Pohl at 1.45-1.50m level. His offsprings have been born since 2016, and some of them have been sold at PSI auctions at high prices. Among those born in 2017 is CHACWOOD PS, Z licensed stallion.

  • VON CHACCO IXE (2009, SF, dam sire NIDOR PLATIERE). Percentage of Thoroughbred 48,83%. WFFS negative.

Bred by Jean Lefebvre and sold at Fences Auctions in 2011 for €270.000. At the age of four, he competed at French Championship and was classified ELITE.
He has 77 sons registered with the Selle Francais since 2013. Among them, the licensed stallions ENFIN DES BLESDRACARYS DE TITOY and DIEGO DE BAUD are competing in 1.40m classes.
His dam, IXELLE IXE, produced two other SF approved stallions, ONASIXE and PAR IXE, both performers in 1.45m classes. The stallions TONIXE (1.50m sj) and JET RUN (1.60m sj) also belong to this mother line.

  • CHACGRANO (2007, OS, dam sire GRANNUS). Percentage of Thoroughbred 39,45%. 

CHACGRANO won in the 5- and 6-year-old classes and made his international debut at the age of seven. His first successes in the Global Champions Tour date back to 2017 with the Brazilian rider Eduardo Menezes. In the same year, Patrick Stühlmeyer became his new rider, and together they obtained excellent placements in the GP of CSI4 *, in CSIO 5 * and CSI-W.
His dam line is the TB-17, from which descend many international winners and approved stallions. Unforgettable was the Olympian GASTON M for Italy, ridden by Valerio Sozzi and full brother of GASTONA, mother of CHACGRANO.
GASTONA produced excellent sport horses, approved stallions and mares, mothers of excellent performers. We remember among his sons CALASKO (1.60msj), COLASKO (1.60msj), CALTONA (1.50msj), POLASKO (1.50msj) and the grandchildrens CHATAGA (1.60msj), H5 CHAGANUS (1.60msj) and CHASQUO BLUE (1.60msj).
CHACGRANO’s first offsprings were born in 2019.

  • CHACLOT (2009, OS, dam sire FLY HIGH). Percentage of Thoroughbred 36,52%. WFFS negative.

Bred by Gestut Lewitz. The sports career of this stallion is linked to the Italian rider Riccardo Pisani who led him to international success.
In 2017, CHACLOT and Riccardo Pisani started to compete together, and the following year they obtained two excellent clear rounds in the final of the Longines Nations Cup in Barcelona as well as a 7th place in the CSIO5 GP * of Gijon. In the 2019 season CHACLOT competed in the European Championships in Rotterdam and in the CSIO5 * of Piazza di Siena. This year CHACLOT and Riccardo Pisani won the GP 160 of the Talent Show Jumping in Arezzo.
The dam of CHACLOT is FLYING P, a daughter of the Hannover stallion FLY HIGHT (FOR PLEASURE) that jumped in 1.50m classes, and of PIRETT (by PILOT).
CHACLOT’s first offsprings should bear this year, so we are only at the beginning of his breeding career.

In recent years, many of the most important European stallion owners moved to look for young stallions out of CHACCO BLUE with the aim to use them for breeding. For example, we can mention the 6-year-old SF EDEN DU ROUET (dam sire BALOUBET DU ROUET), descendant from the mother line SF 122, which produced many sport horses at the international level, including ROYALE DU ROUET (1.60m sj), PEZETAS DU ROUET (1.50m sj), QUATOUBET DU ROUET (1.60m sj), CALOUBET DU ROUET (1.60m sj) and the extraordinary BALOUBET DU ROUET .
EDEN DU ROUET in France was one of the best 5-year-olds of his generation and this year his first offsprings were born.

From the same important dam line in France, there is another CHACCO BLUE son: DOLLAR DU ROUET (2013, SF dam sire QUAPRICE BOIS MARGOT). Sold at the Fences auctions at 3 years, he then qualified for the final of the Classic Cycle at 5 years (TRES BON) and 6 years (ELITE). His second mother is EL IRA DU ROUET, full sister of BALOUBET!
Two other licensed uterine brothers of DOLLAR DU ROUET are DJUMBE DU ROUET and GALAZ DU ROUET.
In France, his first offsprings were born starting from 2018, and today they number about 170.

Another young stallion son of CHACCO-BLUE is the BWP Q ‘CHACCO BLUE VAN ESSENE, born in 2016. He descends from a mother line that produced numerous international winners including EXTRA VAN ESSENE (DIAMANT DE SEMILLY), performer in 1.60m classes with Darragh Kenny and Marlon Zanotelli, BOTTOM LINE (SHEYENNE DE BAUGY) ISJ 1.60m and EL CASSINA VAN KOJAKHOEVE (CASSINI I), performer at 1.55m level with Yves Vanderhasselt.

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